EcoFactor Charge

Development and production of charging stations for electric vehicles

Our goal is to increase energy efficiency and to instill a culture of energy efficiency.

Our charging stations

EFC AC-M Series Mobile Charging Station

Personal charging station

Charging stations are available in two Type 1 and Type 2 standards, respectively, for vehicles with the American Charging Socket J1772 (Yazaki) and the European IEC 62196 (Mennekes). There are two mains connection options according to maximum current, 16A (standard European outlet) and 32A (general purpose outlet).

Model EFС AC-32MSB

Single-port three-phase charging station Type 2

The connection of the car is via a three-phase outlet of the European standard IEC62196-2 and allows to charge cars with the European connector with power up to 22 kW, or with American power up to 7 kW. In both cases, the user must have a charging cord depending on the type of connection required.

Model EFС AC-32J2M1SB

Type 1 three-port single-phase charging station

The station allows you to charge three cars at the same time, two cords directly from the station and one through the socket using your own cord, depending on the type of charging port. The vehicles are connected via one European standard IEC62196-2 (7 kW) socket and two J1772 American standard fixed (2 x 7 kW) sockets.

Model CHAdeMO standard for fast charging

A 56kW device for the fastest
charging electric cars

At the moment, the device charges the popular Nissan Leaf electric car in 30 minutes to 80-90%. The availability of such devices on the tracks will make it much easier to move electric cars between cities, and the low cost, compared to European brands, makes it more accessible for infrastructure construction.

The development was carried out on a clean sheet and lasted for the last two years, and the hard and hard work of a team of electronic engineers and programmers allowed us to create a completely Ukrainian product.

The devices are fully developed and manufactured in Ukraine.

Advantages of EcoFactor Charge Charging Stations

The device controls the safety – will interrupt or limit the supply of electric current when:

  • No grounding (control can be switched off in expert mode);

  • Electric leakage of more than 30 mA;

  • Exceeding the current of 25% (intelligent fuse);

  • Over voltage in the network more than 265V;

  • Excessive temperatures above 65C, inside the charging unit;

  • Charging plug overheating more than 40C since charging start.

To improve reliability after production and before sale, the station undergoes multi-level verification:

  • Testing on a test stand, simulation of all freelance modes and testing of protection;

  • Maximum current test – car charge for 30 min;

  • Vibration test at full charge;

  • Control of heating by thermal imager under load (detection of potential faults in the future);

  • Continuous charge-free run for at least 100 hours;

  • Sealing and pre-sale control;

  • The final test on the car.

Examples of installed stations

charging stations

Our devices are “smart” elements of systems. They are designed to build new networks and deploy them to existing networks such as the EcoFactor Network.

To use the charging stations within the EcoFactor Network, it is enough to register with the application.

Advantages of using the application

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    Convenient search for the nearest EcoFactor Network charging station

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    Charging status online

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    Contactless switching on and off of the charging station

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    Charge Cycle Statistics