EFС AC-M Series Mobile Charging Station

EcoFactor personal charging stations can be used at home or on the road, at the suburban area or in the parking lot.

Our charging stations give you maximum versatility when choosing a connection location while fully protecting your car’s charging process. Stations are much cheaper than public ones, and they charge at the same speed.

Optionally, a wall mount can be used to provide a stationary charging space.

We use new design methods: from CAD development to printing of individual elements on 3D printers of our own production. This allows us to confidently declare the innovation of our product.


  • Charging stations are manufactured in two Type 1 and Type 2 standards, for vehicles with the US Charger J1772 (Yazaki) and European IEC 62196 (Mennekes).

  • There are two mains connection options for maximum current, 16A (standard European outlet) and 32A (general purpose outlet).

  • All of our charging stations have current control, so a more powerful device can be used in weak networks by plugging into a regular outlet via a dedicated adapter. Adjustment range from 6-16A in standard outlet version and 6-32A in industrial outlet version.

  • The station is designed and built in accordance with IEC 61851. This allows for a high degree of protection, which makes the device a leading market position.

Design of personal charging station:

  • Structurally, the charging station consists of a power connector with a cable, a charging unit made in the form of a sealed plastic box with a control button, an OLED display, a power cable and a car connection connector.

  • The display of the main unit will allow you to adjust the charging current, monitor the status of the device, read the actual current consumed, the power consumed by the network, the charging time, as well as the amount of electricity received during the last charging session.

  • The 5th grade flexible charging cable, custom-made for EcoFactor Charge, uses a high-quality thermoplastic elastomer shell, allows it to be used comfortably at low temperatures, without reducing flexibility, and the area of power conductors in 6mm2 and 2.5mm2 respectively eliminates heat and high power loss at high charging current. The model range includes three options for the length of the charging cable 5, 8 and 10 m.

  • Included with the charger is a sturdy carrying case for storage and storage, a felt lining that allows you to carry the device in the luggage compartment of your car without the risk of damaging the station or luggage.

  • In the stationary mode, you can use the wall mount of the housing and the cable connector (purchased separately). A special adapter (not included in the scope of delivery) is used to connect to low-voltage household outlets.

The station provides reliable protection and safety during the charge of the car, subject to the rules of operation.

It is designed for long-term use and is provided with a one-year warranty and after-sales service.


Specifications EFС AC-16JM-G2 5m EFС AC-16JM-G2 8m EFС AC-16JM-G2 10m EFС AC-16MM-G2 5m EFС AC-16MM-G2 8m EFС AC-32JM-G2 5m EFС AC-32JM-G2 8m EFС AC-32JM-G2 10m EFС AC-32MM-G2 5m
Supply voltage Single-phase 50-250V AC 50-60 Hz
Maximum current 16А  32А
Power consumption:
В In standby mode 1 Вт
В In charging standby mode when the car is connected 5 Вт
В In charge mode up to  3680 Вт 7360 Вт
Protection class:
РPower connector IP-44
ЗCharger unit IP-65
Power cable IP-65
Car Connector IP-54
Charger connector Type 1 Type 2 Type 1 Type 2
Power connector schuko N+L+PE industrial 5x32A
Type of cable 3×6+3×0,5 3×2,5+2×0,5
Cable length m 5 8 10 5 8 5 8 10 5
Overall dimensions WxHxH mm
БControl unit 220х80х60
ЦCompletely in the bag 340х340х60 340х340х120 340х340х60 340х340х120
Weight (with packaging, cable and connectors) 2,1 кг 3,1 кг 3,8 кг 2,1 кг 3,1 кг 3,6 кг 4,5 кг 5,5 кг 3,6 кг

Advantages of EcoFactor Charge Charging Stations

The device controls the safety – will stop or limit the supply of electric current when:

  • Lack of grounding (control can be switched off in expert mode);

  • Electric leakage of more than 30 mA;

  • Exceeding the current current by 25% (intelligent fuse);

  • Overvoltage in the network more than 265V;

  • Excessive temperatures above 65C, inside the charging unit;

  • Charging plug overheating more than 40C since charging start.

To improve reliability after production and before sale, the station undergoes multi-level verification:

  • Testing on a test stand, simulation of all freelance modes and testing of protection;

  • Maximum current test – car charge for 30 min;

  • Vibration test during full charge;

  • Control of heating by thermal imager under load (detection of potential faults in the future);
  • Continuous charge-free run for at least 100 hours;

  • Sealing and pre-sale control;

  • The final test on the car.

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